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At Bo, our recipes are traditional with a contemporary twist, always incorporating fresh, locally sourced seasonal fruits, specially chosen to achieve creatively reflective flavors of each season, resulting in incomparably delicious cakes, cookies, jams, and quiches."


"In March 2008, we opened our first bakery located in F. Montes de Oca, a small and cozy space where customer service is paramount, aiming to revive the neighborhood feel of the Condesa district. There, you can find all our sweet creations and specialties such as the "fresh fig tart" or our amazing "chocolate passion", accompanied by a delicious coffee, inviting you to sit back and enjoy them."

Since that date, we´ve made a great effort to be increasingly closer to our costumers, and to date, we have 3 branches; two in La Condesa and one in San Juan Mixcoac.


Both Ilse and Ezra began their careers in gastronomy after studying completely different fields. Ilse studied Sociology and Ezra Philosophy. Cooking was just a simple hobby. "We always enjoyed cooking to eat well," Ilse says, "but being a chef never crossed my mind."

Once they reconsidered their vocations, Ezra studied at the Lety Gordon Institute in Mexico City and took several haute cuisine courses in Thailand, New York, and Madrid. She founded Studio Kitchen in 2002, a company dedicated to personalized catering, with clients such as the Ministry of the Interior, OECD, Hugo Boss, L.A. Cetto, etc.

Ilse studied at the Hofmann Hospitality School and specialized in haute pastry. She worked in several restaurants in Barcelona and upon returning, partnered with her sister in the catering business.

After 7 years of dedicating themselves to food service, they decided to open their first bakery with the intention of creating honest and creative pastries, integrating family recipes, recipes from friends, and "our different paths in the world of food."

Think Green

In Bó we have a strong commitment to the environment, and therefore we strive to generate the least amount of waste, separate it, as well as save energy by purchasing local and seasonal supplies.

Our packaging is made of biodegradable materials such as sugar cane, bamboo and cornstarch, being 100% ecofriendly. Once in contact with bacteria, moisture and suitable temperature (compost), they begin to be digested by microorganisms, leaving behind biomass, water and carbon as residues, thereby reintegrating into the  natural cycle within  a period of 2 to 6 months, whereas conventional plastic takes over  a hundred years.

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